Manage My Getaways is generating excellent returns for our currently listed investment properties. Our service ensures high occupancy rates by using superior marketing and sales techniques. Our response time is fast and professional providing a high level of service to potential guests.

We know that having to continuously reply to enquiries or booking requests can be time consuming, we also understand that a fair share of these enquiries are time wasters and we never end up hearing back from them. Not to mention all the emails back and forth and telephone conversations when a booking does go ahead. Occasionally you may get a very savvy person who is very efficient but let’s face it the majority ask a lot of questions and take up a lot of our time. Then there is payment, deposits, balance payments, organising the cleaner etc, the list goes on and on. Manage My Getaways will eliminate all of these hassles for you for a small percentage fee of the total booking tariff. In other words you won’t have to deal with another booking again.

For your peace of mind Manage My Getaways screen all enquiries. We have learnt some very useful tips as to how to pick up on genuine guests as opposed to schoolies or younger party goers, this method essentially de-risks unwanted guests. We have devised a list of terms and conditions which relate specifically to holiday rental houses of which are read & accepted by the guests in the lead up to confirmation.

In addition to taking care of the bookings and enquiries  We can also help you with the administration side of the website (owners log in section) ie obtaining a much higher ranking in your particular location section of the website. We can also help you with your pricing settings, description, photographs and or any other part of the administration part of the website. We can help with bedding configurations and handy hints as to what to supply and what not to supply which will make everything much easier for you in the long run. Basically we will manage your property for you and inform you of anything that you will need to do or be aware of.

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